Bank Files Motion To Dismiss Foreclosure Proceedings Against Hurst

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 80 views 

Yesterday, Chamber Bank filed a Motion to Dismiss in Garland County in their foreclosure proceeding against a mortgage on property owned by Q. Byrum Hurst who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the Fourth Congressional District.

The filing, done through bank attorney Patrick McDaniel of Mena, says “that all issues involved in this cause of action have been resolved by the parties” and asks the court to “dismiss this cause of action without prejudice.”

The language of the filing makes me wonder how the issues got resolved.  Was Hurst behind in his payment as the bank claimed and caught up in order to avoid foreclosure or was he never behind in the first place as Hurst claimed was the case?

This knocks one of Hurst's many issues out for him shortly before the primary.  He still has to ans

wer why the state of Arkansas has several thousands of dollar in tax liens against him for unpaid income taxes. Or why he has been chronically delinquent in paying his Garland County property taxes.

But for now, things might be looking up for Hurst who has a new TV ad out and appears to be the only Democratic candidate on TV in his race.  Hurst faces State Sen. Gene Jeffress and the very conservative Democrat D.C. Morrison in the May 22 primary with early voting already started.

KARK Channel 4 first broke the story and has more details including a victory lap from the Hurst campaign.