Jason Rapert’s Trouble With The Truth

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 190 views 

Last week, at a Conway public forum, State Senator Jason Rapert railed against the 2011 Public Safety Improvement Act or Act 570, saying it was “not the direction we need to go.”

Rapert presented a passionate talk about his opposition to Act 570, saying he’d received calls from sheriffs and police chiefs across the state asking him to stop the bill.  Rapert claimed Act 570 cut in half the jail time for rapists and noted his opponent, Representative Linda Tyler, was a co-sponsor of this horrible Public Safety Improvement Act.

Here’s the kicker – Jason Rapert voted FOR Act 570.

Here’s a link to the Senate vote where Act 570 unanimously passed in the State Senate, and Jason Rapert voted for it.

In his remarks, Rapert conveniently forgot to mention that he voted for this bill.  I guess he decided to just ignore all those phone calls from sheriffs asking him to stop the bill.  Here’s video of the event and Rapert’s remarks on Act 570 being around the 34-minute mark in the video.

There is a disturbing trend with many modern-day Republicans: they’ll say anything to get elected and the truth is not important. Jason Rapert attacking a law he voted for is a classic example of this trend.

It seems that Jason Rapert has some trouble with the truth.