Change of Plans on Dickson Street

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 67 views 

An astute reader alerted us to the fact the third floor of The Dickson is being offered for lease at $12 per SF.

This is noteworthy because owner Ted Belden talked about plans to convert the floor into a boutique hotel during a November press conference to announce he had taken sole ownership of the property, previously known as The Lofts at Underwood Plaza.

Belden also said in November he was contemplating converting the ninth floor into some type of bar/lounge.

Belden told Whispers last week, however, plans have changed. They changed, he said, after he hired a national firm to conduct feasibility studies on both ideas.

Among the studies’ findings were the facts a bar/lounge might not be a viable endeavor, and that the third floor didn’t offer the kind of setting and views guests at a boutique hotel might expect.

So, Belden said, he now plans to lease the third floor — most likely as office space — while he considers putting the boutique hotel on the ninth floor. The idea to put a hotel — 11 or 12 rooms — on the top floor was another recommendation from the feasibility study.

We applaud Belden for being willing to change plans midstream. Neither his property, nor downtown Fayetteville, need another misstep.