Audio Tapes Surface in Crittenden County Voter Fraud Case

by Jason Tolbert ( 3 views 

Memphis TV station ABC24 has the audio posted on their website on their report which is apparently one of the key pieces of evidence in a case being made regarding absentee voter fraud in the special election of State Rep. Hudson Hallum (although I am told the case could be much bigger than just Hallum.)

The recording is a voice mail message left by Leroy Grant to Hallum’s Democratic runoff opponent Kim Felker.  In it he says:

Hey Kim. How ya doing? My name is Leroy Grant. Uh, I was trying to get in touch with you. Are you running for state representative? If you are, I got, uh, something that you probably need, I’ve got some absentee ballots over here in West Memphis Ward 4 and Ward 5. Would you please give me a call?

Felker felt uncomfortable and turned him down. Finance reports show that Hallum hired him and paid him over $3,000.  He won the absentee vote by a wide margin.

Connecting the dots ain’t hard here, but the real question is how big will this thing get before it is over. (Psst – This is not the first election this has ever happened in.) Stay tuned.