Pritchard Hits Woods for Iowa Caucus Trip

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 30 views 

Believe it or not, today’s Iowa Caucus has become an issue in a northwest Arkansas State Senate primary where incumbent Sen. Bill Pritchard is criticizing his Republican primary challenger Rep. Jon Woods for making a trip to the Hawkeye State.

“I am NOT in Iowa with Duggars & Jon Woods. Instead I am campaigning hard in NWA for Sen. Bill Pritchard!” posted Pritchard this morning on twitter.

I spoke with Woods this morning who told me he is indeed in Iowa, but disagrees with Pritchard that it means he is not focused on northwest Arkansas.

“I traveled up here on Sunday with several friends and constituents including Jim Bob Duggar who is a good friend of mine,” said Woods. “I am not campaigning for anyone, but enjoying a trip to experience the Caucus. I will be back tonight.”

Woods tells me he ate breakfast this morning with Rick Santorum, who was endorsed yesterday by the Duggars.  He plans to take in an event with Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann later today. Interestingly, Woods has not seen Rick Perry who he endorsed along with several other state legislators. He says he would like to see Perry and is sticking with his endorsement.

Woods said he found it interesting that Pritchard is busy watching what he is doing, but feels confident in the support he is receiving from city and county leaders and thinks he is well-positioned to run a strong campaign.

Oh, primaries, they are so much fun!

UPDATE – I almost forgot – Jim Bob Duggar narrowly lost the Republican state senate primary to Pritchard back in 2006.

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