Winners & Losers For The Week

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 56 views 

This morning, I appeared on KARK-TV”s Wednesday Wake-up Call to give my winners and losers for the week.  Bill Vickery was there as usual to give his winners and losers for the week, too.

My winner for the week was Newt Gingrich since he has “The Big Mo” heading into next month”s Iowa Republican Caucus.  The candidate who led in the Iowa polls a month out from the Iowa caucus has won 8 of the last 11 caucuses, which is nice piece of history for former history professor Gingrich.   A few months ago, Gingrich”s staff quit en masse and he was broke from spending his campaign resources unwisely.  Now, he”s the front-runner for the GOP nomination.  That makes him the winner of the week in my book.

My loser for the week was Mitt Romney since he”s the only Presidential frontrunner who”s never actually been a frontrunner.  Previously non-credible candidates such as Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann had led in the polls, but those candidates had no realistic shot of winning the nomination which was to Romney”s advantage since he could bide his time and wait for them to implode.   However, the bad news for Romney is that Newt Gingrich is a credible candidate with a realistic shot of winning the nomination.  That makes Romney my loser of the week.

I mentioned on the program that Mitt Romney may end up following in his father”s footsteps.  George Romney, a moderate Republican Governor from Michigan, ran for President in 1968 arguing in part that he was electable and could beat the incumbent Democratic president.  George Romney went on to lose to a washed-up politician named Richard Nixon.

Will history repeat itself for Mitt Romney?  We”ll know soon enough.

Click on the image to see this morning”s video from KARK-TV.