Democrats Distance Themselves From Occupy Movement

by Jason Tolbert ( 1 views 

It looks like Democrats are beginning to distance themselves from the Occupy Wall Street movement as evidenced today when a meeting between OWS and the Democratic Progressive (i.e. liberal) Caucus was canceled after the news of the meeting was leaked to the press.

The Arkansas tie-in? The Roll Call article quotes a former chief of staff for Sen. Blanche Lincoln and now Washington D.C. lobbying buddy Kelly Bingel as a pretty outspoken Democratic critic of OWS.

“Democrats should reject Occupy Wall Street as the spokesmen for the 99 percent. The chance of those guys going out and voting or encouraging anyone else to vote is very low,” Bingel said.

I am not sure how well that may go over with Occupy Little Rock crowd planning on marching through downtown this Saturday dressed as Revolutionary Soldiers.  But I am sure they all voted for Bill Halter anyway so who cares, right?