Briefing Set To Outline Value of 188th Fighter Wing Unit

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 119 views 

Favorable financial figures that are part of a “focused plan” to protect and enhance the future of the 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith were released Monday (Dec. 12) by the 188th Fighter Wing-Fort Chaffee Community Council.

The council also announced Dec. 20 as the meeting date for a “delegation of congressional representatives and numerous decision-makers” to meet at the 188th base in Fort Smith. The meeting will allow the council and military leaders to more fully make a case as to the value of the 188th to the national defense.

Organizers are not sure the media will be allowed to attend the briefing.

It was first announced Nov. 22 that the 188th Fighter Wing based at the Fort Smith Regional Airport may be one of the many military cuts possibly to result from Congressional failure to reach a deficit-cutting agreement. The unit employs about 350 full-time personnel, with about 1,000 on the base once a month for training.

The budget threat comes four years after the 188th converted from the F-16 fighter jet to the A-10 ground support aircraft. Conversion to the A-10 was the product of a last minute reversal of a decision to close the 188th. During May 2005, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission was faced with 834 closings or realignment recommendations from the Department of Defense.

After that close call, the 188th Fighter Wing-Fort Chaffee Community Council was formed to support the military presence in the region and to be proactive against future threats.

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