Arkansas Twitter and Facebook Fun With Burris And Hutchinson

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 79 views 

My left-leaning blogging colleague Michael Cook is on a relentless campaign to recruit more Democrats to engage on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools. He is making dents and finally even got Arkansas’ senior Democratic Senator Mark Pryor to jump in the pool yesterday.

As Cook admits, Republicans are well ahead of Democrats in Arkansas on the social media.  If you are not engaged, you’re missing quite a bit.  Here’s just a taste from yesterday.

In between tweeting about his love for chicken biscuits, House Minority Leader John Burris had some interesting notes on the state of state government…

“26th pay period fiasco; AOJ fund/furloughs; now Forestry Comm. layoffs and depleted trust fund w/o Dir. knowing. Time to stop pats on back.”

“Didn’t have room to mention Lottery/IRS fine; Hwy Dept comp. time; all w/ 50+ grade 99 appointees still double-dipping.”

Ouch! He also weighed in on the Presidential race saying, “If I were a Democrat in a Southern state, I’d be horrified of Newt. Not bc he’ll beat Obama, but bc he won’t. #deathnail”

Another interesting comment on Newt Gingrich came in from Rep. Donna Hutchinson – first wife of Sen. Tim Hutchinson – yesterday on his no-adultery pledge. “Sure, Newt made that promise twice before, but this time, he really, really, really means it,” said Hutchinson.