Griffin Leads Charge On Delayed Pipeline Project

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 109 views 

Arkansas’ Second District Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Little Rock) led a contingency of fellow Congressmen who are criticizing President Obama’s delay of a major pipeline project from Canada to Texas.

Griffin contends that delaying the $7 billion pipeline will costs tens of thousands of jobs and could lead to more business for China instead of the U.S.

The Keystone XL pipeline project would transport oil from Canada’s oil sands to refineries in Texas. Last week, the Obama administration put the project on hold until at least 2013 over environmental concerns raised from a bipartisan group of Nebraska elected officials.

Griffin suggested the blame rests with Obama, according to this report from Peter Urban with Stephens Media.

“That just stinks. That just wreaks of politics,” Griffin said during a news conference he organized with more than a dozen House Republicans who echoed his charge.

“This is shovel ready,” Griffin said, adding that the delay would cost tens of thousands of needed jobs.

Moreover, [Griffin] noted that if the pipeline were not built Canada would likely ship the crude oil to China for refining.

Griffin and a handful of other House Republicans met with Alberta Premier Alison Redford Tuesday morning at the Canadian Embassy for breakfast.

“They were very frank and made it clear they want to be working with us but have little choice but to look elsewhere. They need this oil refined,” Griffin said. “The question is will it be us or China.”

Pipes for the Keystone project will be made by the Little Rock division of Welspun Pipes, which employs about 600 in central Arkansas, according to Griffin. You can read more on the subject here.