Breitbart To Cain – Put Your Cards On The Table

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Andrew Breitbart was in North Little Rock Wednesday speaking to an American for Prosperity luncheon as part of their conservative speakers’ series.  While there, he offered some advice to Herman Cain on handling the sexual harassment story.

"I think he needs to get out ahead of this thing as we learned for the Anthony Weiner stories, especially in the age of the Internet where the mainstream media can’t 100 percent control the narrative," said Breitbart. "A person in this environment has to come forward and put all of his or her cards out on the table, and the more you try to make a scandal or non-scandal go away, the more people pry and eventually it all comes out."

Breitbart knows a lot about this sort of thing.  He was the first to break the story on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate tweets just days after Breitbart spoke in Little Rock last May.  He commented to me today that perhaps Arkansas is good luck for him and another big story might be breaking soon.

Although he admitted this is a legitimate story, Breitbart did not think the coverage has been entirely fair.

"This is a classic case of the mainstream media doing unto a Republican that which they would not do unto a President Obama or to a Bill Clinton back when he was running. The accusation that emerged against Bill Clinton from Matt Drudge and other sources, other reports were far graver than what we now know."

Breitbart seemed to think there were more allegations that would be coming out on Cain, referencing an former pollster for the National Restaurant Association who stated this morning on a radio station that everybody knew about Cain’s harassment at the NRA. (UPDATE – Breitbart was right. Here is a story from Jonathan Martin at Politico on Chris Wilson claims with the important note that he is a Perry pollster and supporter.)

"There are many, many, many angles swirling around this story including the defensive angle of this story, which is why Politico was willing to go forward with a four-person byline piece that was so limited in terms of specifics. So there is a media angle, there’s a campaign angle, there’s an inter-campaign angle – it’s a story and Herman Cain needs to come forward and put his cards on the table."

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