Pryor Opposes The Obama Jobs Bill That He Voted To Advance

by Talk Business ([email protected]) 69 views 

Sen. Mark Pryor has been traveling around the state touting a six-part jobs plan that he says "includes a number of bipartisan initiatives, is aimed at creating jobs by setting the table for growth, encouraging new products and new industries, investing in infrastructure, maximizing agricultural opportunities, preparing tomorrow’s job-generators to compete (and win), and empowering small business owners to succeed." 

The plan is a hodge-podge of various bills he has introduced or supported that all have varying degrees of either not passing or never passing.

However, he also made an interesting announcement at the jobs press conference here in Little Rock where he now says he does not support the Obama jobs bill just days after he voted to advance it.

At the time of his vote on October 11, he said on his vote to advance the bill that the "jobs package, far from perfect, deserves debate and a vigorous amendment process."  His vote was for cloture motion which requires 60 votes, although it only end up receiving 50 votes.

However, back in Little Rock on October 14 when asked by a reporter if he would support the president’s plan, he said, "I am not going to support his plan as it currently is. I like parts of it and if we do see some Senators try to break pieces of it out, I look forward to that. But I probably would support some piece broken out that I am hearing broken out regarding infrastructure. So I can definitely support some of it, but some of it does not help Arkansas that much and I am not sure would create many jobs or boost the economy. But I don’t want to criticize his plan; I am glad he put it out there. I think it got the national discussion going.  He put something out there that – quite frankly – the Republicans could vote against. And maybe that is a good thing in today’s environment and now move on with something bipartisan that we can get through the House and Senate."

So which is it, Sen. Pryor?  Are you against it after you were for it?  Shades of Blanche Lincoln.