Boozman ‘still On Sidelines’ With Presidential Pick

by Talk Business ([email protected]) 69 views 

Kevin Kelly with our content partner, Fox 16 News, interviewed Sen. John Boozman (R) last night on a number of issues, including the economy, his poll numbers, GOP Presidential politics and his support of the GARVEE bond highway program.

Boozman said he still hasn’t made up his mind on who he’ll support for the Republican nomination for President.

"Right now, I’m like a lot of Americans — still on the sidelines," Boozman said. "I think that right now Romney’s probably got the edge."

He cautioned that there is still a lot of time before Americans will have to make a decision.

Boozman also said he’s "very supportive" of the upcoming GARVEE bond highway program on Nov. 8 despite opposition from some TEA Party groups that endorsed his Senate candidacy.

"I like infrastructure spending," Boozman said. "The real economy is the jobs that are created after the infrastructure is put in."

You can view the full interview at this link.