Blanche Lincoln Flip-flops On Health Care Yet Again

by Talk Business ([email protected]) 176 views 

It almost sounds impossible, but it seems former Sen. Blanche Lincoln has flip-flopped on her position on the health care bill yet again.  Well…sorta.

Roby Brock reports that Lincoln announced today that she is now the chairperson for the "Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations" coalition. The new group is part of the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

If this organization sounds familiar, it is likely from their decision to join in suing to overturn the federal health care legislation last year.

"We didn’t enter into the decision to join this lawsuit lightly – we have been representing small business owners since 1943 and we take this responsibility extremely seriously. But the outpouring of opposition to this new law was overwhelming and our members urged us to do everything in our power to stop this unconstitutional law," said Dan Danner, president and CEO of The National Federation of Independent Businesses last year in a statement from their organization. “Small business owners everywhere are rightfully concerned that the unconstitutional new mandates, countless rules and new taxes in the health care law will devastate their business and their ability to create jobs."

I am sure you will recall that last year Blanche Lincoln cast the deciding vote (or not depending on when you ask her) on health care reform.  But who would have thought she now has joined an organization walking arm-in-arm with Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr in suing to have the law overturned.