Arkansas House Report: Honoring Charles Dyer

by The City Wire staff ( 4 views 

Editor’s note: Rep. Leslee Milam-Post, D-Ozark, provided the following commentary on the previous week of the 88th Arkansas General Assembly.

The General Assembly has completed its eighth week in session, and more than 1,500 bills have been filed. Monday (Mar. 7) is the last day for members to file legislation, so there will be even more measures put forth for consideration.

My first official act of legislation was a House Resolution 1015, to recognize and commend Mr. Charles Dyer for his dedication and years of service to public education in Arkansas.

His son and daughter in-law, Charles and Stacy, and friends were in attendance to receive the resolution. His grandson, Trey (Charles B. Dyer III) was paging with three other Alma students.

I am so very proud of all of our students who have represented District 83 recently through paging, touring, DECA, and other programs. We are so fortunate to have such a great future!

We are also so fortunate do have Mr. Charles Dyer.  One of his teachers wrote me when she learned of the resolution. She noted that Mr. Dyer had personally hired each and every one of the employees; teachers, custodians, administration, etc. in the entire Alma School District during his 45 years that he has served as Superintendent.

She also echoed what so many others have, that Mr. Dyer is an amazing leader and she is thankful to work with him. I experienced this first hand when I toured the Alma School District last summer. In between soaking in his wealth of knowledge and passion for education he would stop to share with me pictures and stories of his family. He is tremendously admired and respected by his staff as he treats each of them as part of a work-family. I could feel and see his strong leadership as I toured through the school. We are fortunate to have this strong leadership throughout all of the school districts in our 83.

I passed my first bill through House Judiciary Committee last week. It is House Bill 1504, to prohibit level 3 or 4 sex offenders from being at water-parks owned or operated by a local government. I am sponsoring several other bills.

As I mentioned in a previous column, the House has passed a resolution authorizing us to recess on April 1, with official adjournment scheduled for April 27. If we continue at the productive pace we have set, this still gives us time to take care of business and wrap up an efficient, effective session.

You can now watch most committees and House proceedings via live stream at the Arkansas House website.

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