Proposed Constitutional Amendments Will Get Airing

by Talk Business ( 2 views 

Eight proposed constitutional amendments will get their first public screening in a House subcommittee on Wednesday.

Any of the 8 House resolutions could ultimately be submitted to voters in November 2012 as one of 3 referred constitutional amendment proposals that the state legislature can refer in odd-number year sessions.

The House Constitutional Issues Permanent Subcommittee on State Agencies will meet after the adjournment of the full House on Wednesday in Room 151 of the state capitol.

House State Agencies Chairman Clark Hall (D-Marvell) told Talk Business in a recent interview that the subcommittee work was an effort by Speaker Robert Moore to provide more debate on these multiple proposals.

The State Agencies committees in both chambers are also hampered right now by a software glitch that is preventing them from working on Congressional District realignment.

The 8 proposals to be reviewed on Wednesday include:

  • HJR 1004 by Rep. Jim Nickels – To repeal annual sessions and revert to biennial sessions
  • HJR 1005 by Rep. Ann Clemmer – To require 35% of lottery proceeds to be used for scholarships
  • HJR 1006 by Rep. Duncan Baird – To require a 2/3rds majority vote in both chambers to override a veto
  • HJR 1007 by Rep. Bobby Pierce – To change the duties and responsibilities of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
  • HJR 1008 by Rep. Duncan Baird – To create a rainy day trust fund
  • HJR 1009 by Rep. Bryan King – To alter the method for choosing electors for President and Vice-president of the U.S.
  • HJR 1011 by Rep. Debra Hobbs – To alter assessment and collection of personal property taxes
  • HJR 1012 by Rep. Debra Hobbs – To alter assessment of real property and collection of real property taxes

There are a total of 13 House resolutions that could be considered for referral. The Senate has drafted 12 resolutions that it may also debate for possible referral.