Pawlenty Visit About Connections And Money

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Talk Business contributor Suzi Parker with Politics Daily writes about former Minnesota Governor and potential 2012 GOP Presidential contender Tim Pawlenty’s recent trip to Arkansas.

The closed-session events were not intended to raise Pawlenty’s media profile, writes Parker.

Pawlenty had no public events in Arkansas, but this wasn’t about selling books and giving a speech to the masses. Pawlenty’s visit focused on networking and making big-money connections.

Pawlenty hosted a roundtable with new GOP elected officials and the party’s state chairman. He then spoke to about 30 state executive committee members and party leaders about his vision for the country and answered questions. According to sources at the meeting, Pawlenty made it clear he is contemplating a presidential run, but has not yet reached a decision.

Despite its low average income, Arkansas consistently rates near the top when it comes to the number of millionaires per capita and it is home to Wal-Mart, Murphy Oil, Tyson Foods and Stephens Inc., to name a few high-profile companies.

Republican Lt. Governor Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, who died in 2006, was a billionaire oil heir and his widow, Lisenne, is still a generous donor to the Republican Party.

Stephens Group Inc., and the Stephens family, have been a major player in national politics. Last October, Stephens Investments Holdings LLC gave $100,000 to American Crossroads, a 527 organization that defends and elects "center-right candidates to federal office."

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