Brawner: House Decided Money Does Grow On Trees

by Talk Business ( 1 views 

Stephens Media columnist Steve Brawner examines the budding similarities between the state legislature and the federal Congress.

Brawner argues that while the Arkansas legislature considers a number of tax cuts, the more prudent path might be to cut government spending first.

He notes that Arkansas could still see an economic downturn, as the recovery is not complete. Brawner also reminds that a $330 million (and growing) debt owed to the federal government is still not dealt with.

Writes Brawner:

To those who want to reduce the size of government, I’m with you. But let’s follow a simple formula: cut spending first, pay off the debt Arkansas owes the federal government, and then cut taxes at corresponding levels, all the while planning for the big problems we know are coming.

It’s the responsible option.

You can read his full column at this link.