Rockfish Recognized For Tidy Twitter Tool

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Rockfish Interactive’s TidyTweet, a tool designed to help companies filter their Twitter feeds and block spam, earned accolades at the 140 Twitter Conference in Los Angeles.

TidyTweet was one of seven applications selected prior to the conference to be demonstrated for the Developer Launchpad Session at the conference in September.  

After the demonstration, a panel of judges chose TidyTweet as the best overall Twitter application shown at the conference, which earned Rockfish the opportunity to demonstrate it to the entire audience.

Michael Paladino, lead developer of, said getting chosen as a finalist for the Developer Launchpad Session was a big honor for TidyTweet and Rockfish Interactive.

When Rockfish was chosen to present to the entire conference the next day, he said, TidyTweet got great exposure to several of the thought leaders in social media, resulting in several new accounts.

Paladino said TidyTweet was developed in order to solve a problem that Rockfish experienced when using Twitter on a client Web site.  Twitter spammers have become more prevalent in the past few months, he said, and some of those spammers attempted to add inappropriate and offensive content to a client’s Twitter feed.  

“We quickly realized that we needed a solution to allow moderation and filtering of Twitter feeds and thought this was something that would have value to others wanting to use Twitter in the same way.”

Some of the features of include automatic or manual approval of tweets, custom bad word filtering, whitelist and blacklist of Twitter users, auto-rejection of tweets from newly created accounts and auto-rejection of tweets with multiple trending topics appended to the tweet.

Rockfish is working on adding payment plans to the tool that will provide access to additional features.