Trump Talk Garners Comments

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Never underestimate the power of the Internet.

After we reported on Donald Trump’s speech at the Economics Arkansas luncheon May 8, posting some of his more quotable comments on, word might have gotten back to New York before Trump did.

The Associated Press picked up on Trump’s thoughts on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s struggles under pressure, blasting them out across the wires.

Rodriguez’s rep in the clutch is nothing new, but we know now that Trump talking about it is.

By the morning of May 9, Colin Cowherd was talking about it on his ESPN Radio show, “The Herd.” Then Jim Rome did his “final burn” on the topic on his ESPN show “Rome is Burning.”

ESPN’s highly-rated “Pardon the Interruption” took on the subject in its “mailbag” segment, with Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan comparing Trump to a hack reporter who trashes other, more famous, people to build a rep.

We thought it would end there, but “SportsCenter” covered it in its “B” block, and even used the topic to lead into PTI’s “big finish,” using Trump’s thoughts on Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to debate which of the two would be better to enter a room with.

Trump was asked about his comments on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on May 15 and replied, “That’s why I can never run for office.”