Vision Technologies Foresees Bright Future

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 114 views 

Rogers-based Vision Technologies Inc. will soon be lending its innovations to U.S. military machinery.

Vision Technologies, which was founded in 1998, creates one-of-a-kind rugged camera systems that can be used under extreme conditions and in harsh environments.

Company president and CEO Lee Thompson said the U.S. government recently awarded Vision Technologies a  $44 million contract to design and manufacture the 400 cameras that will be installed in each of the Navy’s 22 new DDG-1000 Destroyers.

A second government contract, Thompson said, is also in the works. The company has already received tentative approval for a $20 million contract that would require it to manufacture about 2,000 cameras for the U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Finding Vehicle fleet.

Thompson said Vision Technologies has been working for years to land a large, government contract and now that one contract has been approved, he’s confident more will follow.

“It’s been long and hard but it looks like it’s going to all work out,” Thompson said. “I think we are on the cusp of really turning the corner. Right now our name is on everyone’s lips.”