Developers Delinquent on Taxes

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 65 views 

It’s not just the banks that are finding themselves with more than a few delinquent customers.

On December 2, Benton and Washington county tax collectors published their lists of delinquent real estate and personal taxes.

While searching through the 88-page insert we found a few names that caught our eye.

And because we enjoy big numbers, we decided to pullout our calculators and figure just how much these area developers owe.

Brandon Barber, through his Lynnkohn LLC and SCB Investments LLC, owes the two counties a total of $816,364 in delinquent property taxes.

Also on the list is the Landquest Group, with its six different LLCs along with, Bart Bauer and Guy Rizzo owe Benton County a total of $204,830.

Fayetteville developers Ben Israel, John Nock, Mitchell Massey and Tom Terminella all owe at least $15,000 each in unpaid real estate taxes.