Bush Finds Humor in ?Dub?Ya Mint Gum?

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Juiced Creative showed off its style for the President with a full floor display and ad campaign for “Dub’Ya Mint Gum.” Bush apparently got a kick out of it while noting it’s too late for the two-termer to use it in a campaign.

During their walk around the factory, Stribling said Bush was interested in the company’s history and what helped it grow.

Stribling told Bush loans backed by the Small Business Administration in the early 1990s as well as tax incentives such as accelerated depreciation helped them to purchase new equipment.

“We spent many years reinvesting in our company, not in ourselves,” Stribling said. “That’s the best way to grow. When you can get incentives that can help you grow your business, that returns many more times by growing jobs.

“That gives you more taxpayers.”

Noting the U.S. has had 49 months of consecutive job growth, Bush said Stribling represented an intersection of manufacturing and retail.

“When people are buying this man’s boxes, it also means they’re buying product at the retail level,” Bush said.

Stribling said the biggest highlight for him was watching Bush interact with each and every employee, even chatting in Spanish with his Hispanic employees. Stribling passed this feeling along to the President.

“He said, ‘That’s good that you’re meeting them – after all, they’re the reason this business is growing,'” Bush said. “And I appreciate a man who understands that.”