Forty Under 40: Roger Boskus

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Roger Boskus doesn’t think he’s seen his career highlight yet. Although his firm has become well-known in Northwest Arkansas, he still has a goal of reaching regional and national audiences. The firm was formed in 1996 and he credits his success to Steven Miller, who gave him the opportunity to be a partner.

Boskus said his favorite thing about his job is the energy of the design studio. “What’s really exciting is when we have young people in the firm with ex-citing ideas and everyone gets to collaborate together,” he said. Though a project might be his idea initially, the entire staff works to make it happen, Boskus said.

A native of Downer’s Grove, Ill., Boskus earned his bachelor’s in architecture in 1993 from the University of Arkansas. He specializes in restaurant and long-term care facility design and has recently been designing more sustainable, or “green,” projects.

If he were not designing cutting-edge buildings, Boskus would be waterskiing. He is part-owner of Cedar Creek Waterski Park in Elkins and is competing for a spot on the U.S. Waterski team.

Boskus’ advice to those just starting is: “When [you] go to work for somebody, go to work every day like you’re going to own the place someday, and eventually you will.”

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