Learning Rx Comes to Northwest Arkansas

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Learning Gateways LLC d.b.a. Learning Rx Learning and Reading Center
Owner: Kent and Melissa Sorrells
Address: 74 W. Sunbridge Dr., Fayetteville 72703
Phone/Fax: (479) 695-1234
Hours: 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday
Startup date: May 1
Web site: www.learningrx.com

Kent and Melissa Sorrells of Little Rock have brought their cognitive learning center Learning Rx to Northwest Arkansas. The couple hired Jerry F. RunnerSmith away from the Clear Springs School in Eureka Springs to operate the Northwest Arkansas Learning Rx Learning and Reading Center.

RunnerSmith explained that the concept of Learning Rx is not based on academic tutoring, but rather cognitive skills training. Learning Rx can complement academic tutoring, assist people with deficits in their cognitive skills or simply enhance cognitive skills in a typical 12-week course.

Cognitive skills include memory, processing speed, visual processing, auditory processing, attention and comprehension.

The Learning Rx program actually has two parts — cognitive skills training and reading skills training. RunnerSmith said some clients need only the cognitive skills training, but others need both.

“We guarantee a two-year growth in a deficient cognitive skills in 12 weeks and a three-year growth in a deficient reading skills in 18 weeks,” RunnerSmith said.

Learning Rx takes clients age 6 and up. A lot of adults use the program just to improve skills, while teens use the training to improve skills in preparation for college entrance exams, RunnerSmith said.

The 12-week training starts at about $3,000.

Learning Rx has two full-time employees and six trainers who work part time. RunnerSmith predicts the learning and training center will need 12 to 14 trainers within a year.

The center is in about 2,800 SF of leased space.

RunnerSmith couldn’t say what the startup costs were for the new center, but he said, the business is already breaking even.