Rolls Photo Op

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We told you last issue about Lamar Pettus, the Fayetteville lawyer who’s vowed to run a campaign against the city’s proposal to borrow money to pay for a town center. Pettus said then that photographs of the mayor’s Rolls Royce would make good campaign material.

Well, Mayor Fred Hanna now says that if Pettus wants, he’ll even supply the photos. Hanna has two: a 1961 Silver Cloud and a 1987 Silver Spur, both of them classics. As a matter of fact, the mayor says, he came very close recently to purchasing a third classic vehicle.

Hanna says classic Rolls autos aren’t as expensive as one might think. He’s a hobbyist and attends the Rolls Royce Owners’ Club annual meet each year.

But don’t think Hanna supports Pettus’ stand. The mayor vows to be out campaigning – on his own time – for passage of the measure between now and the special election on Aug. 5.

On June 12, Robert Still, an attorney representing the Northwest Arkansas Mall, filed a motion to dismiss a $2.5 million lawsuit brought by Gail Segers, owner of Sports Page, an athletic apparel store that she says was evicted from the mall.

In the motion filed in Washington County Circuit Court, Still says the suit should be dismissed because Segers hasn’t taken the Arkansas Bar Exam, so she isn’t licensed to practice law in the state. Segers graduated from the University of Arkansas law school last month and immediately filed suit against the mall.

Still also argues that Segers, as an individual, “was not a party to the lease between Hall of Fame Inc., doing business as Sports Page, and Rouse Management Services Corporation of Arkansas Inc.”

Still says the Rouse Company also wasn’t a party to the lease with either of the plaintiffs, and Segers failed to give sufficient cause for her charges of fraud and interference with business practices.

“It’s exactly what I thought it would be – that they would try to dismiss everything, like they would try to make it sound like everything was incorrect,” Segers says. “It’s very, very expected.”

Segers, who plans to take the bar exam next month, says she plans to hire an attorney to represent her in the case and an amendment to the complaint will be filed.