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Owner: Christy Kilburn

Address: 114 E. University St., Siloam Springs 72761

Telephone: (501) 524-3517

Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays

Start-Up: May 8

Destinations travel agency is keeping a small town mentality and pocketbook in its approach to planning family and group vacations.

Owner Christy Kilburn worked with World Wide Travel in Fayetteville before starting her own business.

“I’ve been in the industry five years, all while living in Siloam Springs,” Kilburn says. “That was my goal, to open an agency in Siloam Springs.”

Destinations provides full service for all reservations – hotel, airplane and car – for groups, families and singles.

“First class or budget. I always keep the customer’s budget in mind,” Kilburn says. “I truly love this business. It’s rather addictive if you do well. There’s no better business.

I”This is a fast-pased world. We all need a break and we all deserve it.”