Convenience Stores Consolidated

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G. Marty Williams of Fayetteville received a $433,000 loan from Citizens Bank of Fayetteville on April 8. The loan is due May 1, 2000, and has a 9.5 percent fixed interest rate.

Williams secured the loan with a convenience store at the intersection of Eighth and Walnut streets in Rogers. Williams owns the land and building but leases the space to the Fast Trax convenience store. He has owned the land and building since February 1996.

The loan also was used to consolidate two other debts on convenience stores he owns in Springdale and West Fork. Williams has owned the Minit Stop at 101 E. Robinson Road in Springdale since December 1986. The other convenience store is along U.S. Highway 71, about 10 miles south of Fayetteville. Williams has owned it since June 1983. All are operated by people who lease the buildings from Williams.