Good News

Sometimes it feels like the “news” is just “bad news”.  Today, however, I got a taste (literally) of something wonderful that happened at Northside High School, that probably didn’t get reported by any news outlets.  I was invited by Edward Merida, a Northside student who I met in December at a National Partner in Education (P.I.E.) seminar in San Antonio, Texas, to what I thought was their monthly P.I.E. meeting.  It turns out that the Northside P.I.E. student team along with the Northside J.A.G. (Jobs for American Graduates) organization planned, prepared and served a wonderful Valentine luncheon for the teachers and administration at Northside as well as for their P.I.E. business partners and a few guests like my wife and me.  The students turned their beautiful library into a romantic café for the occasion, and served a delicious Italian meal complete with chocolate dipped strawberries for desert.  My wife and I enjoyed the company of several Northside teachers and students plus a few VIPs from the district office.  I was so encouraged by the respectful students, the professional teachers and administrative staff and by the pristine facilities at Northside High School.  There is a lot of “good news” going on every day in our public schools that makes me feel optimistic about the future.