Ritter expanding fiber network in Pine Bluff, White Hall

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 344 views 

Ritter Communications will bring its RightFiber broadband to Pine Bluff and White Hall neighborhoods through a $2.4 million infrastructure investment.

RightFiber has speeds up to 5 gigs.

“We’re excited to bring residents in Pine Bluff and White Hall a high-quality, high-speed internet option that allows them to better access needed services,” said Ritter Communications CEO Alan Morse. “RightFiber’s multi-gig technology makes it the right choice for families and homes with multiple smart devices.”

A timetable for the project was not released nor was the number of potential customers impacted.

“Ritter Communications is bringing Pine Bluff citizens what we need to live, work and enjoy entertainment in today’s highly connected world,” said Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington. “I am deeply appreciative of their commitment to bringing these new service options to the community.”

“Dependable, high-speed internet is a necessary utility for all people and communities to thrive,” said White Hall Mayor Noel Foster. “The services provided by Ritter Communications offer White Hall residents an affordable option through which they will access new connections and opportunities.”