SupplyPike collaboration to improve dispute process

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 278 views 

Rogers-based supply chain software company SupplyPike recently established a strategic partnership with krunchbox, which offers point-of-sale data management and analytics. The collaboration is expected to improve the dispute-resolution process between retailers and suppliers.

According to a news release, the two companies will share their resources and capabilities to better serve consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers. SupplyPike’s deduction automation software, and krunchbox’s point-of-sale data management process and business intelligence program are unique and complement each other.

“The collaboration will deliver exponential benefits for our shared customers,” said Dan Sanker, CEO and co-founder of SupplyPike. “Suppliers will recover more funds in less time, driving unparalleled efficiencies across the entire consumer goods industry. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership holds and the positive impact it will have on our customers.”

Doug Murless, vice president of POS Data Analytics at krunchbox North America, was also excited about the partnership.

“krunchbox cleans and processes retail data across the 200-plus retailers we support,” Murless said. “Where krunchbox makes a retailer’s sales and inventory data actionable for suppliers, SupplyPike helps drill down into a depth of data to dispute deductions.”

SupplyPike’s Deductions and Compliance Solutions has provided CPG companies with invoice deductions insights, empowering them to dispute and recover erroneous charges. The software as a service is available via monthly subscription.

Early this year, former CEO TJ Sangam left SupplyPike, and Sanker, the company’s founder and chairman, became CEO. Logistics provider CaseStack launched SupplyPike in 2017 as its research and development arm. It was spun out as a standalone business the following year when Hub Group acquired CaseStack. Sanker founded CaseStack in 1999.

SupplyPike has 114 employees.