Rep. Jack Ladyman draws early opponent in Democrat David McAvoy

by George Jared ([email protected]) 2,678 views 

The Arkansas legislative session isn’t over and at least one incumbent state representative has already drawn an opponent for the 2024 election cycle if he chooses to run again.

Jonesboro resident David McAvoy, a Democrat, launched his campaign Tuesday (April 4) for the Arkansas House District 32 seat that has been held by incumbent Rep. Jack Ladyman, R-Jonesboro, since 2015.

McAvoy said he thinks the district is competitive.

“We can build a brighter future for Arkansas workers, families, and students. This campaign will be focused on the issues that matter such as protecting our public schools, fixing our broken economy, and fighting corruption in our government. Together, we can bring hope back to Arkansas,” he said.

Ladyman, who is still in the midst of the legislative session, said he was unaware that he had an opponent, he told Talk Business & Politics. The sitting representative said he hasn’t thought about the next political race, but he doesn’t see any reason why he wouldn’t seek another term.

“Our system of government allows anyone who meets the eligibility requirements has a right to run. So I have no problem with having an opponent,” he said.

McAvoy cited Ladyman’s support for the LEARNS Act as one issue he would differ with Ladyman.

McAvoy, a paralegal, has advocated on numerous local and state issues through the years including attempts to ban books at the Craighead County Library. He formed the “Protect Our Voices” group that fought against Issue 3 during the 2020 election.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that things are rough right now in Arkansas. Our public schools, which I owe a lot to, are under attack. The people that are supposed to be working for ordinary folks, like my family and the people I grew up with, are instead working for the people that can buy their influence, and regular people are hurting as a result,” said McAvoy. “Lawmakers should be public servants. But instead of working for us, legislators like Jack Ladyman have decided to attack our public schools, make our government and economy work only for the wealthy few, and attack our democracy. They have chosen to target anyone they think they can get away with hurting. Jonesboro needs a new State Representative.”