Movista launches new app for frontline retail teams

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 718 views 

Bentonville technology company Movista recently launched a new mobile app for customers.

The app, called Amp, boasts a modern and intuitive interface that drives employee engagement and improves in-store productivity. The company’s cloud-based software allows companies to manage their distributed workforces via smart devices. Like other retailers and suppliers, Walmart Inc. is a longtime Movista client.

According to a news release, Amp is a mobile extension of Movista’s retail execution platform that lets retailers and field teams do things at scale and optimize merchandising and sales performance.

“Amp is the next evolution of frontline mobile work,” said Scot Delancey, Movista’s chief product officer. “With productive new capabilities and a thoughtfully designed interface, it will serve as a much-needed work aid for today’s overstrained frontline teams. In-store work will become more streamlined and intuitive at a time when retailers and field teams of all types and sizes are struggling to engage and retain their talent.”

Some noteworthy feature enhancements include:

  • mobile tasking, which gives team leaders the ability to create tasks on the fly.
  • work escalation, which automatically notifies managers or relevant employees of urgent or at-risk work for always-on-time completion.
  • mobile reassignments, which enables frontline employees to redirect tasks to other individuals or teams.

Amp also includes a redesigned and fully integrated communications module that supports individual messages, group messages, and team announcements for quick and compliant work collaboration.

Amp will coexist with Movista’s existing app on the IOS and Google app stores.

“After all our customers migrate to the new app, which will take a while, we plan to retire the old app,” said Bharat Vijayaraghavan, the company’s senior vice president of marketing.