Garver uses data to improve efficiency

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 1,019 views 

North Little Rock-based engineering firm Garver recently launched a new business line that’s expected to help clients be more efficient, make decisions, and save money by streamlining their data.

Enterprise Solutions was established in December and comprises 50 employees — including software developers, engineers and attorneys — most of whom work remotely throughout the United States. It offers clients tools to increase project efficiency from planning through construction.

Enterprise Solutions Director Jerry Holder said the new business line was established after learning about the significant amount of data their clients have, but they struggle to use it in any other form except for a spreadsheet.

Garver’s new business line takes the data that’s stored in various formats and turns it into graphs, schedules and predictions to allow clients to make decisions, he said. Clients can also access the information on mobile devices, allowing them to see it anytime and help them with questions.

“It used to take them days to go find out where it was,” Holder said. “Now they can just pull it up on their phone or laptop and find the answer right then.”

He noted that this service was typically only offered by large national consultants partnered with a software company. But about five years ago, he said software became available for Microsoft 365 users with Power BI. Clients can use the software to access the services that Enterprise Solutions offers.

“We got into it,” he said. “The great thing about us being able to do it now is that we understand your business. We work for DOTs. We work for cities all the time, so we understand their data. We know what all their terminology is. You don’t have to educate us about what it is you’re looking for.”

In Northwest Arkansas, Enterprise Solutions is helping the city of Springdale prioritize infrastructure projects in planning for a bond issue. Northwest Arkansas National Airport also is a client.

Holder, who earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1986 from the University of Arkansas, is a senior vice president for Garver and a member of its management committee. He has 35 years of industry experience and worked as the firm’s director of transportation for 10 years.