J.B. Hunt provides classroom supplies

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 799 views 

William Quintana, a truck driver for J.B. Hunt Transport Services, speaks to a third-grade class at Monitor Elementary School in Springdale while school principal Andrea Acuff looks on.

Lowell-based carrier J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. has donated more than $200,000 for classroom supplies to elementary schools across the nation since establishing its annual Adopt-a-Class program in 2013.

This year, the company gave $55,000 to 55 classrooms throughout the country. In Northwest Arkansas, a classroom at Monitor Elementary School in Springdale was a recipient of the program.

According to a news release, the program allows truck drivers to nominate their child and grandchild’s classroom, from kindergarten through fifth grade, for a chance to receive a school supply donation by submitting an essay. The drivers often visit the classrooms to congratulate the teacher and students after the recipients are notified.

J.B. Hunt driver William Quintana of Springdale congratulated his daughter’s class this year, spoke to the students about his career and gave them a tour of his company truck. Also, he delivered a gift box that included a gift card for classroom supplies and J.B. Hunt shirts, hats, foam trucks and activity books for students.

According to J.B. Hunt, each recipient classroom received a $1,000 gift card for supplies.

“Contributing to the class is really important because you don’t know how much supplies they get,” Quintana said. “So contributing to them, it makes me feel happy knowing they’re going to have more things to do during the school year. It gives them more opportunities to do more science work or other activities that they could have missed out on.”

Angela Moore, a third-grade teacher at Monitor Elementary, explained how the donation will benefit her class.

“My kids are getting an opportunity to have those hands-on activities that are so important to them,” Moore said. “Instead of being on a screen, they are doing things hands-on that are building their brain and just helping them with decision-making and problem-solving skills.”

Nationwide, 255 classrooms have been program recipients.