SupplyPike app For Amazon suppliers automates deduction disputes

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 591 views 

With one click, Amazon suppliers can dispute invalid deductions and improve recovery rates, according to Fayetteville-based technology startup SupplyPike.

According to a news release, Amazon suppliers can dispute invalid deductions using the startup’s Deductions Navigator app, which also works with Walmart, Target and Kroger.

“Deductions and dispute backup can be a headache for suppliers to gather, which is why we wanted to develop a product that solves this pain point,” said Ryan Petty, senior product manager for SupplyPike. “Deductions Navigator integrates data from Vendor Central, including one to two years of deduction, dispute and invoice history alongside shipping documents automatically, making it easier than ever to dispute Amazon deductions.”

According to the release, Amazon suppliers lose an average of 6% of their invoices to deductions. Amid very few automated services to dispute deductions, Amazon suppliers typically dispute deductions and gather backup internally. This manual process often takes suppliers about 30 minutes to research and dispute every deduction. As a result, the dispute rate is very low and leaves money on the table. Also, Amazon is constantly changing its shortage deduction data and supplier support is lacking.

Deductions Navigator allows suppliers to dispute dozens of deductions with the correct proof documents in one click, the release shows. The app helps Amazon suppliers understand the causes of their deductions, and its interface offers visibility and insights into Amazon AP deductions, trends based on items, distribution center shipping information and reason codes.

SupplyPike is working to expand the app to work with additional retailers.