Namida Lab starts sales of at-home breast health test

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 821 views 

The Auria test is a first-of-its kind breast health assessment that's expected to help women decide when to have a screening mammogram. Namida Lab in Fayetteville recently released the test that's available for purchase online at

Fayetteville-based Namida Lab recently released an at-home breast health assessment that uses teardrops to identify protein biomarkers related to breast abnormalities.

According to a news release, Auria is a first-of-its-kind breast health assessment test for women ages 33-85 with an average risk of developing breast cancer. The $159 assessment test is available for purchase online at

According to the website, the Auria test helps women decide when to have a screening mammogram, and it’s recommended to be taken annually before mammograms.

The release shows that Auria customers receive a score and classification which corresponds to a level of urgency on when to schedule a mammogram. The Auria test is not a replacement for mammograms. A prescription is required for the test, and Namida Lab works with a physician network to authorize test requests.

Dr. Anna Daily, vice president of product development and innovation for Namida Lab, is the lead inventor of Auria.

“This technology has taken over a decade of research, development and clinical studies made possible through collaborations with comprehensive breast health and cancer centers across the U.S.,” Daily said. “Identifying proteins related to breast abnormalities is only the beginning. Information from the community of Auria customers will lay the groundwork for personalized breast health intelligence, leading to optimized diagnostic thresholds, as well as the potential for breast cancer diagnostic tests utilizing tears.”

The Auria test kit includes instructions for at-home tear sample collection. After collection, customers ship the sample to the Namida Lab. Results are made available on the customer’s online dashboard, and customers are encouraged to request a consultation with a breast health specialist.

Daily noted differences in the Auria test compared to Namida Lab’s other test that uses tears, Melody. Auria is a direct-to-consumer pre-screening test, while Melody is being developed as a diagnostic tool for breast cancer, most likely for clinical use. A timeline for the release of the Melody test has yet to be determined as it’s still being developed.