$4 million apartment complex, $2.85 million motel property top NEA real estate deals

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,451 views 

Middlebrook Holdings LLC made the most significant residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County, from July 15 through Aug. 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s Office. The company spent $4 million to buy the Stratford Manor apartments on West Matthews. The deal was completed July 19.

Sadguru LLC made the second most significant real estate purchase in the region during the period. The company bought the Fairview Inn and Suites motel on Apache Drive for $2.85 million. The deal was completed Aug. 11.

In the third largest real estate deal in the region, Johnson Ave. LLC bought a car wash on Johnson Avenue. The deal was for $2.4 million and it was completed Aug. 1.

The following are the other top transactions during the period in the county:

Transaction amount: $1.65 million
Seller: Lindley and Susan Smith
Buyer: Jennifer and Dalton Timmons
Sale date: July 27
Address: N/A
Description: residential acres

Transaction amount: $1.22 million
Seller: Gera Prateek
Buyer: Donna and Keith Hamaker
Sale date: July 29
Address: Ridgepointe
Description: house

Transaction amount: $1.05 million
Seller: Kurt and Kristy Reed
Buyer: Jeff and Julie Purinton
Sale date: Aug. 1
Address: Plantation Estates
Description: house

Transaction amount: $1 million
Seller: Centerline LLC
Buyer: Reedmont LLC
Sale date: July 25
Address: McClellan Drive
Description: commercial acres

Transaction amount: $775,000
Seller: Math Investments LLC
Buyer: Cude Properties LLC
Sale date: July 21
Address: 2206 BLD#1 Highland Drive
Description: retail store

Transaction amount: $665,000
Seller: David and Melody Lo
Buyer: Patel Hemant
Sale date: July 27
Address: Barrington Park
Description: house

Transaction amount: $623,000
Seller: Thomas and Maria Bowen
Buyer: Mohan Arugunta and Pamireddy Sahithi
Sale date: Aug. 15
Address: Barrington Park
Description: house