Tekla Research leaders make $100,000 donation to the Williams Works initiative

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 596 views 

Tekla Research has made a donation to the Williams Works initiative at Williams Baptist University. Tekla CFO Beth Russell West and CEO Dave Russell, both of Jonesboro, donated a total of $100,000 to the program.

“Tekla Research has blessed the Williams Works initiative richly with this matching gift,” WBU President Dr. Stan Norman said. “The generous and faithful contributions from those who believe and support Williams enable us to advance our mission. A gift such as this fuels our growth and allows WBU to continue moving in this bold new direction. Thanks to the generosity of Beth, Dave and Tekla Research, many students will be enabled to work their way to an outstanding, Christ-centered education. We are grateful to Tekla Research for this gracious gift.”

Previously, West and Russell, along with Tekla Research President Kevin Wilcutt, donated $75,000 for two greenhouses used for starting plants and for growing produce and flowers at WBU’s Eagle Farms.

“Tekla Research is pleased to continue our partnership with Williams Baptist University and in particular the Williams Works program,” said West. “We were thrilled to see plants and produce move from the greenhouses to the shelves at Williams Corner, but we’re even more encouraged to see what this program produces in the lives of those students that take advantage of this opportunity to graduate debt-free.”

Students accepted into the Williams Works initiative work 16 hours per week through the fall and spring semesters, and in exchange their tuition and student service are covered. Additionally, Williams Works students can apply to work full-time through the summer to cover room and board for the following year, giving students the opportunity to graduate debt-free.

Tekla Research is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in Fredericksburg Va,. with offices in Norfolk, Va., Patuxent River Md., Cherry Point N.C. and Jonesboro. It has employees located throughout the country.