SupplyPike app offers one-click fee disputes

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 947 views 

Fayetteville-based tech startup SupplyPike recently launched a new feature for its app OTIF Radar that allows for one-click disputing, according to a news release.

With the new feature, users can dispute invalid on-time and in-full (OTIF) fines directly within the app within 30 seconds.

“Walmart’s OTIF program measures its supply chain performance for suppliers delivering on-time and in-full,” the release shows. “It is time-consuming to pull together the data to dispute fines, meaning some of the charges are often never disputed. OTIF charges often contain some portion of invalid OTIF fines where suppliers were not at fault.”

OTIF Radar automatically gathers the data and proof to identify invalid fines to submit disputes and recover money, according to the release. Previously, app users had received the documents to submit disputes manually. The new feature allows users to submit disputes within the app.

“I have worked with Walmart suppliers long enough to know how much of a pain point OTIF fines are,” said Ryan Petty, senior product manager at SupplyPike. “OTIF Radar allows suppliers to isolate poor performance in their supply chain and resolve issues before they impact their bottom line. Now suppliers can instantly identify and dispute invalid fines directly from the app to maximize their chances of recovering dollars.”

According to the release, a key feature of the updated app is that it automatically retrieves OTIF invoices and disputes from HighRadius along with other documents. With one click, users can dispute purchase orders in a specific month, and it’s automatically submitted to HighRadius. Also, the app shows a list of disputes indicating their status, submitted date and amounts.

SupplyPike, a supply chain technology company with nearly 125 employees, recently announced raising $25 million in series B capital to support growth. It plans to add more than 60 high-tech jobs over the next year. The company has nearly 400 clients, all of which are consumer packaged goods companies.