Fayetteville company signs distribution deal with Lowe’s

by Paul Gatling ([email protected]) 2,571 views 

The successes are beginning to pile up for entrepreneur Colton Knittig and his Fayetteville-based company Grillight.

Knittig says his company, which makes barbecue tools and accessories, has secured a national distribution deal to supply its products to North Carolina-based home improvement giant Lowe’s. Earlier this year, Grillight announced a similar agreement with Tennessee-based Tractor Supply Co., the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States.

Knittig says Lowe’s is (or soon will be) carrying Grillight products on shelves at all 1,728 of its stores. As of Dec. 25, 2021, Tractor Supply operated 2,003 stores.

Knittig is Grillight’s president and co-founder. He launched the business in January 2014, about two months after developing a spatula with a built-in flashlight. Since then, new iterations have been created. The company’s product line now includes approximately 15 grilling tools.

“We’ve built a strong customer base over the last few years and have pushed hard to introduce Grillight to more retailers,” he said. “Customers really love Grillight, and we’re excited to bring these awesome products to more grillers across the U.S. and overseas.”

With the new national accounts, Knittig said Grillight will be adding staff to help meet the growth and fuel the company’s expansion with more products.