Northwest Arkansas sales tax collections up 32.6% in May report, Moosejaw to open in Bentonville

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 3,400 views 

Consumers in Benton and Washington counties spent big in March which boosted sales tax revenue by 32.6% in the May report from Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale. The cumulative sales tax revenue totaled $8.252 million, compared to $6.22 million in the year-ago period. Revenue was also 40% higher than the previous month’s report.

The May report consists of revenue generated in March from a 1% sales tax each city collects to help fund their budgets. Sales conducted in March are remitted by the cities to the state in April and then reported in May as revenue.

Each of the cities generated double-digit revenue gains from the March sales tax. Bentonville reported revenue of $1.834 million up 42.77% from the $1.285 million in the same month last year. The city continues to see more retail business open to serve the growing population over the past couple of years. Through the May report, Bentonville’s sales tax revenue totals $8.419 million, up 29.9% from a year ago.

Walmart confirmed to Talk Business & Politics that Moosejaw, a subsidiary business of the retail giant, will open its first physical store in downtown Bentonville this fall. Walmart said it acquired the space in the vicinity of Main Street and Southeast A Street in the downtown’s market district for the outdoor gear store, which will be the first in Arkansas. Moosejaw has 11 other physical stores including two in Kansas which are the closest to Northwest Arkansas. The retailer was founded in 1992 and is based in Madison Heights, Mich. A new Discount Tire store is also under construction on South Walton Boulevard at Rainbow Curve with plans to open this summer.

Rogers also reported solid gains in the May report, up 28.87% with revenue totaling $2.107 million, compared to $1.635 million in the year-ago period. The city is poised to do well in the back half of the year with the hospitality and entertainment venues reopening to full capacity, according to Mayor Greg Hines. The March sales tax was the strongest month the city has had in 2021 and through most of last year. Through the first five reporting months of 2021, Rogers sales tax revenue totals $9.32 million, up 7.53% from a year ago. That includes rebate deductions of $363,997 through April, the city reported.

Fayetteville’s March sales tax revenue totaled $2.581 million, up 37.95% from a year ago. It was the biggest month for the city this year in terms of revenue gains. Through the May report, Fayetteville’s sales tax revenue totaled $10.834 million, up 12.46% from the $9.633 million reported a year ago.

Springdale reported a 20.99% jump in revenue. The sales tax generated in March and reported in May totaled $1.729 million compared to $1.429 million in the same period last year. At $7,398 million through May, revenue is up 9.81% from the same period last year.