New surgical device benefits Mercy’s Arkansas patients

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 3,792 views 

Mercy doctors in Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas recently began utilizing the Savi Scout, a device that eliminates the need for wires and a preoperative procedure for patients undergoing lumpectomies or surgical biopsies.

Mercy hospitals are the first in Arkansas to use the device.

The technology allows surgeons to pinpoint breast tumors more easily prior to a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure. It uses a reflector placed on top of the tumor and radar technology to help guide surgeons to its location, thus eliminating the need for wires to be used in localization.

The reflector can be placed any time before surgery, even during biopsy, which means a localization procedure the day of surgery can be eliminated.

Dr. Stephen Seffense, a general surgeon at Mercy Fort Smith, said the system helps expedite surgery, which is beneficial to both patient and staff.

“The workflow for both radiology and surgery is much better,” he said.

Dr. Andrea Placzek, a board-certified radiologist with Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas, agreed.

“Our patients love Savi Scout,” she said. “It’s quicker, more accurate and more comfortable. I would never go back to wires.”

Precise tumor localization is important because it can increase the probability of complete cancer removal, reducing the need for any follow-up surgery.

The Scout technology works by both sight and sound. A probe measures how close surgeons are to the tumor with a series of beeps as the device nears the reflector. Surgeons can make smaller and more accurate incisions by utilizing this tool.

The new system can also help surgeons achieve the best cosmetic results because they are potentially removing less healthy tissue.