Grocery store property, commercial acreage top NEA real estate deals

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Shops at Parker LLC made the most significant residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County, from Jan. 15 through Feb. 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s office. The company spent $1.9 million to buy a grocery store on Southwest Drive. The deal was completed Feb. 5.

Winters LLC made the second most significant real estate purchase in the region during the period. It bought commercial acres on Sunnymeadows Drive for $1.475 million. The deal was completed Feb. 2.

In the third largest real estate deal in the region, Charney LLC bought storage units on Whitman Drive. The deal was for $750,000 and it was completed Jan. 29.

The following are the other top transactions during the period in the county.

Transaction amount: $640,000
Seller: P & H Investments LLC
Buyer: Halltown Farms LLC
Sale date: Jan. 27
Address: 3701 E. Johnson Ave.
Description: commercial acres

Transaction amount: $505,500
Seller: Stephen and Joanne Cupp
Buyer: Lexicon Government Services
Sale date: Jan. 28
Address: Greensboro Farms
Description: house

Transaction amount: $463,500
Seller: Nathan and Amelia Hay
Buyer: Timothy and Shelia Snow
Sale date: Jan. 26
Address: N/A
Description: house

Transaction amount: $425,000
Seller: Dennis and Shelly Duty
Buyer: Michael and Ruth Griffith
Sale date: Jan. 15
Address: Sage Meadows
Description: house

Transaction amount: $422,900
Seller: Blue Byrd Construction LLC
Buyer: Joshue and Jennifer Tate
Sale date: Feb. 3
Address: Lake Pointe Estates
Description: house

Transaction amount: $420,000
Buyer: Simple Dynamics LLC
Sale date: Jan. 20
Address: 1217 Stone St.
Description: office building

Transaction amount: $413,500
Seller: Tyler Construction LLC
Buyer: Ryan and Victoria Aplin
Sale date: Jan. 29
Address: N/A
Description: acres

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