Bentonville truck driver recruiting firm releases mobile-optimized website

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 725 views 

Jeremy Mincke, CEO of Bentonville-based CDL Hunter.

Bentonville-based CDL Hunter, a third-party truck driver recruiting company, has launched a new website that’s optimized for mobile devices.

CEO Jeremy Mincke said Sooner Marketing Solutions of Tulsa, Okla., built the website, which was developed internally. Most of the layout was completed by Bentonville-based web design company Simplemachine.

Mincke said across its social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, the company organically reaches nearly 10 million users monthly. This does not include ads, each of which often reaches 12 million users, he said.

The website was optimized for drivers who are often using mobile devices over a Wi-Fi network. The site needed to be quick and responsive, offer an easy application process for drivers and cut frustration if their Wi-Fi disconnected and required them to restart the process. The site includes landing pages to capture driver information quickly and easily, Mincke said. It allows users to contact back-end support and sends them a follow-up email to resume the application process from where they stopped.

The website also allows employers to place ads on it. The company serves 38 carriers, from those with two or three trucks to large ones such as Tontitown-based P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. and Lowell-based J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. Through them, CDL Hunter has thousands of job openings for drivers. For example, one medium-sized carrier has between 1,000 and 1,300 job openings.

Nationwide, the company recruits between 10,000 and 14,000 drivers annually. In Arkansas, the company recruits about 100 to 120 drivers monthly. CDL Hunter is part of a large network of independent recruiters and has between 80 and 120 contract workers. The Bentonville office has two employees.

Unlike some recruiting companies, when CDL Hunter receives driver applications, recruiters will speak directly to the drivers to better understand their career path. This allows CDL Hunter to better match drivers with carriers as opposed to sending drivers’ applications to 100 carriers.

“It eliminates the driver getting hundreds of calls for jobs they don’t want or don’t qualify for,” Mincke said. “It also prevents the carrier from having to reach out to hundreds of drivers who don’t qualify for them or don’t meet their needs. We’re that third-party … that eliminates both the time and frustration for the driver as well as cost and extra employees for a carrier.”

Mincke, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, established the woman- and veteran-owned company in 2008. His wife, Evelyn, is majority owner.

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