Haag Brown leads major commercial real estate deals in last month

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Gamble Land Company and Math Investments LLC made the most significant residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s Office. The companies spent $4.9 million to buy the former Sears store at the old Indian Mall. The deal was completed Oct. 7.

Haag Brown Development LLC made the second most significant real estate purchase in the region during the period. It bought a grocery store for $2.5 million. The deal was completed Oct. 2.

In the third largest real estate deal in the region, Haag Brown Development LLC bought property related to a grocery store. The deal was for $2.5 million and it was completed Oct. 2.

The following are the other top transactions during the period in the county:

Transaction amount: $2.5 million
Seller: Haag-Brown Investments LLC
Buyer: Bills Superfoods
Sale date: Oct. 2
Address: 3605 Johnson
Description: store

Transaction amount: $1.25 million
Seller: Gera Investments LLC
Buyer: Copeland Investments LLC
Sale date: Sept. 29
Address: N/A
Description: residential acres

Transaction amount: $1.165
Seller: A-Z Holdings LLC
Buyer: Agree Stores LLC
Sale date: Sept. 23
Address: 3900 E. Johnson
Description: retail store

Transaction amount: $725,000
Seller: Gary and Linda Sapiro
Buyer: Cavenaugh Trust Properties LLC
Sale date: Sept. 23
Address: 3407 Red Wolf Blvd.
Description: commercial building

Transaction amount: $627,700
Seller: Michael and Cathy Mackey
Buyer: Travis and Jennifer Cude
Sale date: Sept. 29
Address: Ridgepointe
Description: house

Transaction amount: $620,000
Seller: P&H Investments LLC
Buyer: R&C Hester Properties LLC
Sale date: Sept. 29
Address: 5318 S. Highway 1
Description: office building

Transaction amount: $595,000
Seller: Thomas Taylor and Karen Sanders
Buyer: RST Investments LLC
Sale date: Sept. 24
Address: N/A
Description: rural acres

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