Gravette company buys 30 fuel-efficient big rigs

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 1,422 views 

Technology company R&R Solutions in Gravette recently received new Volvo VLN 860 trucks to replace its fleet with the more fuel-efficient big rig.

Gravette-based technology services provider R&R Solutions recently purchased 30 fuel-efficient diesel trucks to replace its existing fleet of over-the-road trucks as it works to reduce its carbon footprint.

The first shipment of the new Volvo VLN 860 trucks came at the end of 2019, and five more arrived in late July. Nine more trucks are on the way, said Kylie Smith Corso, brand and account manager for R&R.

The addition of the environmentally-friendly trucks is part of the company’s long-term commitment to reduce carbon emissions. The company has worked to improve its sustainability efforts over the past 10 years while it has provided clients with sustainable solutions to reduce operating costs and add value.

“By upgrading the fleet with extremely fuel-efficient vehicles, R&R will save over 1,000 gallons of fuel per year, per truck,” said Amy Rambadt, CEO and co-founder of R&R Solutions. “These operational cost savings will help R&R Solutions pass those savings on to our clients while helping the planet.”

In the past, R&R converted a truck to run on recycled vegetable oil but stopped operating it because it didn’t meet federal regulations as an over-the-road truck, Corso said. However, the company continues to operate a natural gas truck.

The new Volvo trucks will replace the company’s 2016 Volvo trucks, she said. The company has 31 over-the-road trucks, two local trucks and three 26-foot box trucks. It also has 19 high-top vans and 25 transit vans that are used for projects, she said. The company doesn’t have plans to purchase more fuel-efficient trucks soon but will continue to buy fuel-efficient trucks when trading in the new trucks in about two years.

R&R Solutions has 160 employees. John and Amy Rambadt founded the technology company in 1997 as a packaging and logistics services provider. It has evolved to offer IT services, including enterprise infrastructure development, point-of-sale electronics refurbishment, managed technology services and supply chain development.