RichContext product minimizes clicks, maximizes conversions

by Paul Gatling ([email protected]) 354 views 

RichContext, a retail technology company based in Rogers, has built a new mobile e-commerce platform called Hyphen. The company held a virtual launch event for the product May 14.

RichContext builds products that suppliers and retailers use to be more effective in conducting business through the digital retail channel. Hyphen provides brand marketers a platform that connects content to commerce, with the goal of creating a smoother online shopping experience.

Company co-founder Billy Courtney said Hyphen is designed to create interactive microsites for influencer posts, social media and brand sites. The platform enables product discovery for online shoppers on mobile devices, making it simple for consumer-packaged goods companies (CPGs) to showcase their items.

With direct add-to-cart functionality and intelligent shopper routing, Hyphen connects shoppable content with real-time data, he said.

“We believe the grocery pickup and delivery shopper has been one of the most under-served for years,” Courtney said. “Their shopping experience has been littered with ads that have no local relevance, out of stock items at user-specific stores, and a labyrinth of unnecessary clicks blocking conversion. Our Hyphen platform solves that. At the same time, we are increasing the effectiveness of retail media for advertisers while eliminating an absurd amount of waste.”

Courtney said nearly 40 CPG brands across multiple categories are using Hyphen.

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