Tyson Foods expands hunger relief efforts with donation of 16 million meals

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 6,617 views 

Tyson Foods said Thursday (March 19) it will expand its hunger relief efforts by donating 16 million meals to food banks and beneficiaries around the country to help feed anyone impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

“We produce 1 in every 5 pounds of chicken, beef and pork in the U.S. and take our responsibility to provide protein to those in need seriously,” Debra Vernon, Tyson Foods’ senior director of corporate responsibility, said in a statement.

Vernon said since March 2, Tyson Foods has donated approximately 2.6 million pounds of product in 18 states and is working to donate an additional 1.5 million pounds. A total of four million pounds, or 16 million meals, is being donated by Tyson Foods to its employees, Feeding America food banks, community pantries near our operations and other hunger relief agencies.

Vernon said as part of the effort, 13 truckloads carrying nearly 500,000 pounds of product will soon be distributed directly to Tyson Foods plant locations to support the company’s hourly team members who are working to keep America and its communities fed. That will be an ongoing effort to ensure hunger relief needs are being met as conditions adjust and change.

“School closures are also impacting millions of students who depend on regular meals provided at school and we’re working to ensure children have access to meals during extended school closing,” she said.

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