Clinic opens in Fayetteville endorsing medical cannabis

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 1,315 views 

Arkansas Marijuana Card recently opened its first clinic in Fayetteville, and Dr. Melissa Taliaferro, who also has a medical practice in Leslie, has been seeing patients seeking a medical marijuana card.

Arkansas Marijuana Card plans to open clinics over the next two months in Fort Smith, Little Rock, Hot Springs and Jonesboro. All the clinics will have doctors who will evaluate patients for eligibility for treatment with medical marijuana and issue recommendations to qualifying patients.

The 1,115-square-foot clinic at 1617 N. College Ave., No. 105, in Fayetteville is working to add an additional physician. Along with Taliaferro, the clinic also has an office manager. Hours of operation will vary until another physician is hired.

Arkansas Marijuana Card is a sister company of Ohio Marijuana Card and Missouri Marijuana Card. They operate 13 clinics in Ohio and Missouri and have assisted more than 20,000 patients in registering for treatment with medical marijuana. Like Taliaferro, many of the physicians who work at the clinics in Ohio and Missouri also have other practices, said Ashley Slimak, marketing associate of Ohio Marijuana Card.

“As part of our launch, we wanted to give back to those that have served this country,” said Connor Shore, president of Arkansas Marijuana Card. “We’ve witnessed first-hand in Ohio how many veterans use medical marijuana to alleviate PTSD symptoms, but unfortunately, the lack of insurance coverage has made access prohibitively expensive for some. We don’t believe that anyone, let alone veterans, should be denied access to this incredible medicine because they can’t afford it.”

Veterans will receive a 50% discount on the cost of an evaluation at each Arkansas clinic in the first month of operation, Shore said. Prospective patients can book an appointment by calling 844-249-8714 or online at

As of Oct. 4, 24,414 Arkansans have received a medical marijuana card, allowing them to purchase medical marijuana at approved dispensaries in the state, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.